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easyrec® 0.98 released!

The main feature of this release is the Profile System:
With the easyrec Profile System you can store meta information about an item. You can access the profile via the new Profile API and we have also developed a new plugin which calculates similarites between items based on the profile.
See Profile System, Profile API and Profile Similarity Calculator for more information.

API Improvements:

  • We implemented a new API call to create clusters via the REST API,
  • all API calls returning recommended items have now an additional parameter withProfile which enriches the result with the item profiles,
  • ranking methods now have the additional parameter clusterid which restricts the results to the given cluster,
  • and we removed the SOAP API since, as far as we know, nearly everybody uses the REST API so from our prespective it is not neccessary to maintain two APIs in parallel.

Plugin developers can now use a text area like configuration field.

Of course we have also done a lot of bugfixes, refactoring and minor improvements.

We hope you like the new version and are looking forward to your feedback!

the easyrec team


Telefon: +43(0) 662 834 602 - 0