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easyrec® - Additional Value for Your Web Site

easyrec® gives web portal operators an easy and industry independent entrance to high quality personalized recommendations for your products.

You can access easyrec® via a REST-API which makes it a fast and low-cost way of personalizing your portal (1 hour Personalization).

Economic Aspects

From an economic point of view easyrec® addresses mainly small and medium sized e/m-shops which have not implemented recommendation mechanisms because of too expensive recommendation software. Our approach allows in contrast

  • low cost personalization solutions for small and medium sized businesses,
  • to create new business models due to personalization which and see them as profit making services instead of an investment,
  • reduce the technical effort to one server installation.
  • We also offer preliminary consulting.


Technical Aspects

A collection of stable recommendation algorithms (e.g., market basket analysis similar to Amazon recommendations) are provided through webservice technologies (REST-API). This makes an integration into e- and m-portals very easy. Precalculated recommendations keep response times and resource consumption low.


Find more information about easyrec® on our website and try the free demo service!


Telefon: +43(0) 662 834 602 - 0