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Research Topics

With our new main research topic, the Web of Needs, we will turn existing offer driven trade- and exchange plattforms to ones with the need in focus. Needs are what customers and users want and we make it possible to express them in a machine readable way. We will also build the infrastructure which matches those needs with existing offers.

Studio SAT has also experience in the development of personalization and recommender systems for many years. Result of this intensive research and development is the award winning Open Source software easyrec®.



We use technologies from the area of Semantic Web and Linked Data to utilize data from public sources, use Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing for finding relevant patterns in data or text, and personalization and recommendation systems to bring the gained information to the users at the right time.

SMEs and start-ups trust the competence and experience of the expert team at Studio SAT and use this partnership to increase their innovation potential. Companies like Ericsson, VeriSign, Wikifolio, Diagnosia, iJoule, the travel information portal Tripwolf, the VOD provider Flimmit and much more.

Telefon: +43(0) 662 834 602 - 0