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Joint Development of Wikifolio Tags Goes Online

The online platform provides traders with the possibility to publish their investment strategies into shares and fonds in form of so called Wikifolios. After a period of testing an evaluation they will be emited on the stock exchange and can be bought by investors.

In the context of a FFG Basisprojekt a tagging system has been developed which allows investors to classify Wikifolios based on 20 different tags as well as filter and search after those tags. The developed tags are calculated once per day which motivates traders to act such that they get more tags and to try to keep tags they already have.

The tags come in four categories:

  • Traded Stocks,
  • Trading Strategy,
  • Quality Characteristics and
  • Risk/Rendite

You find more information on the Wikifolio homepage.

Telefon: +43(0) 662 834 602 - 0