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Start-up Cooperations

                  since 2012
The online platform gives equity traders the possibility to publishtheir investment 
strategies in form of wikifolios.
Our contribution consists of mathematical and statistical analyses of the wikifolio
marketplace, suitable similarity measures for wikifolios and visualizations of market events.
With our tools, users can easily analyze wikifolios and groups
of wikifolios with respect to important indicators and
metrics and make informed decisions for reducing risk while increasing their profit.
since 2009
Flimmit provides movie browsing and streaming services.
We support flimmit in the development of their
recommender system concept
based on our open source recommender engine easyrec ® and contribute content based recommender algorithm.
With our help, Flimmit provides improved recommendations.
The content based similarity allows for better targeting of recommendations and alleviate the new item problem.
   since 2012
ClearKarma provides health-related food information for restaurants, catering companies and people who follow special diets.
We contribute a logic based semantic data management 
system for managing foods, ingredients and diets to be used by domain experts.
Using our system, ClearKarma can help users determine
if they can eat a given dish by automatic reasoning over the recipe, the food information and the known diets.
   since 2012
MeinKauf offers the latest 
brochures, catalogs, coupons and deals in Austria.
We support meinKauf with a set of user experience methods
such as creating personas,
giving focus groups, and testing usability. Moreover we provide 
a layout manager to optimize 
user experience and the advertisement campaign’s goals.
Thus MeinKauf offers its users an optimized and customized selection of brochures depending on their needs, and maximizes campaign profitability at the same time.
   since 2012
Factline offers a community
server specialized on knowledge management in complex social networks.
We help factline during the 
redesign and simplification of
their user interface by 
iteratively building user 
experience prototypes and 
evaluating them with users.
Factline re-launches their 
platform with a new stremlined 
user experience, that hides functionality when it is not needed and focuses on the users‘ most pressing needs.
   since 2012
Diagnosia develops a modern drug information suite which supports medical professionals.
Our contribution is the design
and implementation of a procedure for drug information 
extraction from patient 
information leaflets using natural language processing
and machine learning.
Diagnosia‘s content 
administrators can work with increased efficiency because
their manual corrections are used as training data for the information extraction 
component, which gradually 
learns to avoid mistakes.
   since 2012
UberGrape is a communication platform for online 
We design natural language processing components for the detection of speechacts 
in online forum conversations. 
The components can be tuned 
and extended by system administrators and will
be prepared for a set
of predefined speech acts.
UberGrape enhances the user experience by tying arbitrary business logic to speech acts.
This can be used for
forum-specific workflows
as well as for the integration
of a forum into a collection of proprietary business 
   since 2012
aXgro is a trading and logistics platform for producers and consumers of agricultural goods.
We develop efficient algorithms for the complex logistic 
optimization problem of finding optimal combinations of multiple suppliers, multiple consumers 
and multiple transport options.
Based on this innovation,
aXgro can calculate transport 
costs and thus immediately name the price of agricultural goods including the price of shipping to a given location, and lowers the cost of agricultural 
goods by exploiting synergetic effects in transport routes.
Telefon: +43(0) 662 834 602 - 0