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Conference Paper


11th Hamburg International Conference on Logistics (HICL) 2017, Hamburg (2017)



decentralization, digitalization, linked data, transport


<p>The level of digitalization within transport companies is much higher than the level of digitalization across organization boundaries. This fact suggests that there is room for improvement. However, this situation is not likely to change as long as there is no financial incentive for the whole sector to cooperate in establishing a shared communication infrastructure. In this paper, we present our approach for building such an infrastructure using the method of design science. The goal is an open, Web based, de-centralized network operated by transport organizations themselves. Based on expert interviews, we argue that the current situation causes frictions that our approach may help reduce, thereby providing the incentive to participate. The proposed system is described in terms of its existing technologicial base, the Web of Needs, and the extensions needed to provide the required functionality, giving an overview of the current state of implementation.</p>

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